27 june 2009 - APPPART gallery
why not to settle / migrate ?
locarno - switzerland

In June 2009, APPPART gallery felt the need to reflect on its activities. The intention was to develop and exhibit a reflection about the very theme of curatorship in order to end the 'Diachronic Group' series (February 7 to June 23, 2009). This exhibition series, in order to remove any form of unilateral vision and destabilize possible expectations, was based on the rule that the exhibiting artist calls the following. In the light of this, curating emerged as the balance between the desire to meet the unexpected, and to settle down. Consequently, the curatorial project 'Why not to settle - migrate?' organized a dialogical environment where to discuss the figure of Hans Ulrich Obrist, the work of which has destabilized the curatorial practice in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century.

curator: Samia Henni, Pascal Schwaighofer.