a new urban metabolism
actarbirkhasuer - spain / accademia di architettura - switzerland

In the light of the growing urbanization, we have to consider how many of the causes generating the huge environmental crises of today have their rationale in the metabolic inefficiency of our cities. Day by day is thus more and more necessary to think about the functionality and efficiency of cities, and this will be crucial when the current financial crisis will be resolved and cities will take on the important role that the future reserves to them. If any person can understand the big difference existing in the efficiency of cities, we know, however, that the issue of urban efficiency is not so simple and that dysfunctions or capacities are not implicit in any urban model. To dismantle such equivocations and to establish a method of urban analysis consistent with contemporary urban challenges is the primary objective of this book, that collects the results of a research developed by the institute for the Contemporary Urban Project at Accademia di architettura in Mendrisio.

size: 160 x 190 mm
pag: 268