guide to rethinking the all-inclusive
berlage institute - netherlands, studio report

There are some reasons why we feel urgent a discussion about the architecture of the resort, a topic that may seem rather specialized. Firstly, tourism is based on one of more conditions of our contemporary modernity. Tourism and travel are now the most major industry worldwide in terms of economy and employment generated. Then, tourism includes a set of social practices that have become significant to our contemporary culture globalized. In essence, the resort All-Inclusive is the nightmare of a series of conceptual separation which basically characterized Western culture through more than two centuries of history and specifically the temporal disconnection between the spheres of work and leisure as a legacy of industrialization, or the spatial division as dislocation of different social activities, by-product of Modernist dogma of the Urban Planning, or even more ancient dichotomy between city and nature and between body and mind. Hence the need for some critical thinking: which is the essence and potentially innovative genomic traits that can be extracted from the model resort? This, ultimately, is the question that has driven this publication which contains the result of a design studio directed by Olaf Gipser at the Berlage Institute.

size: 148 x 210 mm
pag: 360