beyond urbanization
listlab - italia / international institute of architecture - switzerland

This book is a product of the research infrarealities - unraveling the management and maintenance of the urban condition, organized by i2a - international institute of architecture. Infrarealities aims at building awareness on infrastructural development of the contemporary territory and the political-administrative questions that this implies. In this context, intermodal hubs represent more than one of the many types of architecture today worthy of investigation. If the administrative complexity of the contemporary territory comes from its simultaneous occupation by different infrastructures, the need for intermodal hubs demonstrates how the complexity of contemporary life cannot be addressed with a single infrastructure. Besides this, the complexity of the implementation of intermodal hubs clarifies how each infrastructure brings benefits as much as constraints, thus requiring the discipline of architecture to find them the right place within reality. Communicate this ability of the architectural discipline is what 'Beyond urbanization' deals with, finally. Developed in collaboration with Francesca Mazzone and Valentina Grasso, this book hosts critical essays by Giulia Fini (Politecnico di Milano).

size: 148 x 210 mm
pag: 96

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