maidan redevelopment
kiev - ukraine, competition

Sous la pav├ęs, la plage was the motto of revolutionaries in 1968. They took stones from the urban pavement in order to protest, so they discovered that sand was their foundation. The association with the natural environment as space for alternative forms of social interaction came soon after and triggered alternative narratives of urban development. Anyway, these narratives never became a real project. A competition that concerns the transformation of Kiev's public space after the recent civil revolution, therefore, represents the opportunity to interpret and rethink all these ideas, and make the public space of Kiev a celebration of the post-modern fights for freedom. Consequently, the project exploits the motto of the sixties to Kiev and sums up a series of coherent points for the redevelopment of public space.

in collaboration with: Hanju Chen, bias architects, and Xinyu Zhao.

digital @ http://terradignitas.kga.gov.ua and presentations

published @ ERA21