6 jan. 2015 - URS27M
fabricated landscape 1
taipei - taiwan

12 jan. / 31 jan. 2016 - guandu nature park
fabricated landscape 2
taipei - taiwan

1 oct. / 25 dec. 2016 - taipei nuit blanche
fabricated landscape 3
taipei - taiwan

Patch, corridor, and matrix are spatial attributes of the landscape but, most of all, they express the social organization embedded into the landscape. This means that the ability to interpret the continuities and discontinuities of the landscape is a crucial knowledge for the landscape designer. Anyway, this is not the only one. Indeed, since our relationships with reality are not utilitarian only, landscape design implies an artistic knowledge similar to fashion design, that is a discipline based on interpreting the surfaces of the human body in consideration of sensorial and cultural issues stemming from fabrics. In the light of this, Fabricated landscape is sort of social and cultural investigation. Indeed, since was based on a group of landscape architect students that was tasked to develop a collective interpretation of landscape by means of patches of fabric, i.e. like fashion designers, Fabricated landscape can be understood as a research about the art of landscape design, as well as about the way in which the organization of landscape interacts with a social multiplicity of actors simultaneously operating on the landscape.

in debate: Helen Chen, Wanshan Hu, am ideas; I Ting Hou, i ting hou; Hanju Chen, Tammy Liu, bias architects; Margaret Shiu, the bamboo curtain studio; Wei Wang, chinese culture university; Eileen Chung.