globalization of urbanity
actarbirkhasuer - spain / accademia di architettura - switzerland

Fluctuations in population, in mobility, in natural resources and energy, as well as fluctuations in the intensity of spatial configurations, are to be found in contemporary urban spaces. These new dynamics turn urban space into an open, dynamic, comprehensive system, which makes possible to identify various, proliferating cities within the same city. Indeed, the process of urbanization has changed fundamentally in recent years: it has become relative. Today it consists of injection of urbanity into already urbanized areas, whatever the appearance of their landscape may be. What is needed is a major revision of the current urban theses, a new language, and a new theoretical approach to understanding and drive present-day urbanization. This book collects the proceedings of an international conference on the topic organized by the institute for the Contemporary Urban Project at Accademia di architettura in Mendrisio.

size: 160 x 190 mm
pag: 176