untitled climates
wonder foto day, taipei - taiwan

Untitled Climates is a photographic project that investigates climate as the critical point of view on the landscape at the time of globalization. This is because landscapes are disappearing due to climate change. So, it is time for us to document fading landscapes as the expression of an old climate. Then, today we can technically reproduce climate in botanical gardens and other leisure or educative facilities. So, since landscape can be lying to us, we should develop a sensibility to the appearance of the climate, as well as its technical determinants and infrastructure. Finally, the climate is within the materiality of the air, that traps the light and greatly defines the visual quality of the landscape. On the occasion of the exhibition of Untitled Climates at the Wonder Foto Day 2017, an architectural installation was devised in order to showcase the pictures as scientific specimens of different climates, but also to showcase their airy appearance. Indeed, they were printed on extra-thin rice paper in order to present themselves as the photographic investigation of the very atmospheric nature of the climate.