la nuova lugano
accademia di architettura - switzerland

The landscape where we move every day is a palimpsest of different and countless reality, abundant as the parallel lives that fill urban space. Today, given that our political instability and social insecurity started to affect the urban environment, cities are no longer able to express their constitutive multiplicity: indeed, they are multiple but unable to give any meaning to their multiplicity. In the light of this, the book aims to show how the vitality of the Luganese agglomeration depends on this multiplicity, a vitality that urban design may reveal and feed. Moreover, it does not attempt to produce a unified narrative, but to clarify the many components that qualify urban space. The research project behind this book was directed by Josep Acebillo, and developed by the institute for the Contemporary Urban Project at Accademia di architettura in Mendrisio.

size: 160 x 190 mm
pag: 404