sylvan theatre redevelopment
cherkasy - ukraine, competition

The problem of modern heritage is not an aesthetic one. Indeed, modern architecture is often beautiful and inspiring. The Sylvan Theatre in Cherkasy, a soviet landscape facilities, is no exception. Now, this is ruined, but the white forms and the interplay of nature and the theater still offer a unique aesthetic experience. From our point of view, this is something that should be preserved. Therefore, rather than the reconstruction of the theatre, we propose a set of interventions to renovate the theatre: the introduction of the informal functions of the park in the theatre, so as to increase the utility of the last; the strategic opening and development of the boundaries of the theatre, so as to enable both opening and closure; the integration of natural features as furniture and aesthetic solutions, so as to acknowledge and integrate natural processes in the theatre.

in collaboration with: Chia Ying Yang and Che Yi Shih.

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