after the chiang kai shek memorial hall
taipei - taiwan, vision

Today, every major city in the world is provided with its gigantic model. The model, painstakingly updated, is the ultimate attempt to demonstrate the energies behind the transformation of the city. Often, it is also an attempt to manifest the democratic character of such transformation. The most interesting models are those ones of the city-states, where the entire country is represented. They represent the last chance to build up a direct link between space and some significant decision-making. Indeed, only at the national level, a meaningful relationship between taxation and decision-making can be established, thus between taxation and space development.
A daring idea comes to our mind… Taiwan is not too big, neither too small: it is a sort of city-region-state. What if we build up a model of the country big enough to represent every single building? 1:1,000 should be the scale of such model, that means the overall model should be 400m long, 150m wide, 4m tall, and Taipei city would occupy a space 5m long and wide.
Surprisingly enough, these spatial requirements coincide with the main void of the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall area. Once the model would be built, every year a ceremony should be organized for the Mayors of the 23 cities and 186 townships of Taiwan. They should get together and bring updated models of their own cities, to be substituted. And, since they get together, a big meeting for these 209 Mayors should be organized inside the model, where the counter-form of the Central Mountain Range will offer a sculptural ceiling to the whole assembly. Once per year, they would have the chance to discuss the spatial development of the whole country and witness the effects on the model. All around the model, a park should be developed where to mix entertainment and geographical education for the benefit of all the generations of Taiwanese. Lighting machine could be commanded to light up places on request, as well as the children could climb up the model.
Would not be such model a way to replace Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall? The place would pass from the founder of R.O.C. to the country as such, today a vibrant democracy, probably the only one of the kind in Asia. Anyway, the Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall will be preserved in a much smaller and less encumbering version within the model…
This vision is the contribution to the Imagining Memorial exhibition organized from December 2017 to April 2018 by the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan Ministry of Culture, in the context of the ongoing cultural transitions.

in collaboration with: bias architects.