7 june / 10 july 2013 - international institute of architecture
nursing data
vico morcote - switzerland

This exhibition is a product of the research infrarealities - unraveling the management and maintenance of the urban condition, organized by i2a - international institute of architecture and directed by Alessandro Martinelli and Jachen Könz. Infrarealities aims at building awareness on infrastructural development of the contemporary territory and the political-administrative questions that this implies. In this context, the exhibition aims to investigate the data centers. Indeed, these structures are apparently far afield from architects' interest, but they are unmistakably appearing in our cities and their inner organization presents architecture with unique questions, computing centers deserve the discipline's attention, or, at least, the engagement of its expertise.

in exhibition: Allegra Martin; Marco Lachi; CLOG.

in debate: Allegra Martin; Marco Lachi; Jachen Konz, i2a; Giovanna Borasi, Canadian Centre of Architecture; Martino Marangoni, Fondazione Studio Marangoni.

photo courtesy of Marco Lachi