4 july / 4 sep. 2011 - international institute of architecture
beyond representation
vico morcote - switzerland

This project is a product of the research infrarealities - unraveling the management and maintenance of the urban condition, organized by i2a - international institute of architecture and directed by Alessandro Martinelli and Jachen Könz. Infrarealities aims at building awareness on infrastructural development of the contemporary territory and the political-administrative questions that this implies. 'Beyond representation' intended to questions the theme in relationship to the necessity to represent the urban landscape. Indeed, if the reading of a contemporary city is strictly connected to the means of representation, a representation project about the city of Tokyo was exhibited and designers and communication experts invited to debate about the discipline of architecture and its capacity to study and represent urban environments.

in exhibition: Matteo Soldati and Allegra Morpurgo.

in debate: Matteo Soldati and Allegra Morpurgo; Dong Sub Bertin, yellowoffice; Donatello de Matteo and Francesca Cogni, Trans Office for Open Art; Alberto Figuccio and Mehdi Aouabed, Fil Rouge; Francesco Franchi, Intelligent Lifestyle magazine; Matteo Ghidoni, Salottobuono; Enrico Sassi, Accademia di architettura; Francesca Vargiu, Domus Academy.

photo courtesy of Marcelo Villada