16 mar. / 16 apr. 2012 - international institute of architecture
the life of the airports
vico morcote - switzerland

This project is a product of the research infrarealities - unraveling the management and maintenance of the urban condition, organized by i2a - international institute of architecture and directed by Alessandro Martinelli and Jachen Könz. Infrarealities aims at building awareness on infrastructural development of the contemporary territory and the political-administrative questions that this implies. In this context, the book aims to clarify the relationship of balance and imbalance, paradoxes, ambiguities, and hidden potentials that arise between an airport and its context. Indeed, as any other infrastructure, the airport is not a static territorial entity, but a living structure, involved in a continuous process of development and restructuring that affects airport facilities and the surrounding environment. 'The life of the airport' presented photographic essays by Donatello and Giuseppe de Mattia, and invited experts to debate about the relationship between airports and their context.

in exhibition: Donatello de Mattia; Giuseppe de Mattia.

in debate: Donatello de Mattia; Giuseppe de Mattia; Jachen Konz, i2a; Gianandrea Barreca, Domus Academy; Paolo Belloni, PBEB; Vicente Padilla Gómez-Guillamón, Aertec solution; Nicola Marinello, Gruppo Alfano; Rocco Martelli, Bergamo - Orio airport; Alessandro Sozzi, Lugano - Agno airport.

published @ http://www.domusweb.it

photo courtesy of Marcelo Villada

photo courtesy of Marcelo Villada