5 feb. / 2 may 2016 - national palace museum
treasures from heaven
taipei - taiwan

Treasures from Heaven: A Special Exhibition of Artifacts from the Holy See is an exhibition organized by the National Palace Museum and the Apostolic Nunciature of Taiwan. The aim of the exhibition is to show the catholic liturgy to an Asian public, by means of a series of artifacts from the Sacristy of St. Peter's Basilica, Rome. In order to clarify the meaning of those artifacts, our contribution to the exhibition consisted of a series of animated drawings that express the dynamics of liturgy within space. Indeed, the catholic liturgy greatly pays attention to bring the faithful in contact and communion with God, both personally and collectively. So, space -the very site of contact and collective action- is of great importance. The series of animated drawings highlights how catholic space is first articulated by the location of churches, then by their interiors, that hosts the clergymen proclaiming the word of God, and finally by the liturgical objects, that host those material carriers of God -e.g. the Hosts- coming in contact and communion with the faithful.

in collaboration with: Wei Wang, chinese culture university; Mariagiulia Bennicelli Pasqualis, Serena Nenciarini, university of florence; Rev. Chia-Chun Pan, chinese regional bishops' conference; Hanju Chen, Tammy Liu, bias architects; Peter Tsai, pw event solutions; national palace museum curatorial team, national palace museum.

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